Sportstar Capital Inc. offers a turnkey solution

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Sportstar Capital

Your Sports & Recreation Complex Specialists

Who We Are

Sportstar Capital brings professional standard complexes to your community. Supporting North America’s fastest growing sports, with state of the art soccer fields and tennis courts. Our facilities not only utilize the development of these growing sports, but the space is multi-purpose, and is designed to support a plethora of sports and functions.


What We Offer

Sportstar Capital Inc. offers a turnkey solution.

Cities and towns across the province of Ontario, play a vital role in the the delivery of important services for its citizens. These services range from developing infrastructure, critical in residents’ daily lives, to softer offerings such as recreation and leisure programming.

Working as a Team

Our Commitment

We understand and recognize the opportunity to offer municipalities modernized alternative solutions that will;

Municipalities quite often do not have finite resources, growing tax-fatigue and limited financial tools at their disposal. They have to make difficult choices and this raises the question. "What should we be in the business of delivering, to our residents?

Have a question or a project in mind? We'd love to work with you.